photo of the Carmelita ChorizerosIt’s an exhibit about Mexican American baseball in Los Angeles from World War II to the mid 60s, and it’s been a big hit wherever it’s been presented. Now the Council–supported exhibit continues its successful road trip at the Pomona Public Library, where it will be on view through Nov. 30.

Project Director Terry Cannon, founder of the Baseball Reliquary, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering an appreciation for the historical development of baseball, reports by e-mail that the library is sponsoring a day of baseball activities at historic Ralph Welch Park in Pomona in connection with the exhibit.

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Included will be baseball clinics for youth from 9:30 am to 12 noon and an afternoon forum (1 to 3 pm) featuring many of the ballplayers who starred on amateur and semipro Mexican American teams. “The forum should be a great opportunity to hear lots of anecdotes and reminiscences about community baseball in East Los Angeles in its golden era,” Cannon said.

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