When artist Shoshana Brand moved from China to California’s Antelope Valley in northern Los Angeles County more than three years ago, she knew immediately that she wanted to make a film there. “I’m very interested in knowing what makes a home to people, why they live here and not somewhere else,” she told a reporter from the Antelope Valley Press. “Everyone has a different outlook on what a home is to them.”

Now the residents of Antelope Valley will have a chance to see what Brand has created at a screening of the documentary film “Building a Home in the Antelope Valley: What Is Home? Where Is Home?” Her film, supported by the Council under the California Story Fund, focuses on the stories of adult and teen residents of the area. The documentary will be presented on Sat., April 12 at 1 pm at Pete Knight High School Theater, 37423 70th St., East Palmdale.

To see another video clip of the documentary, visit the Contemporary Modern Arts Projects’ website.

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